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My target with this genus the Zygopetalum is to make the plants tolerant to outside conditions without leaf spots.

Also to produce a variety of colours and a mixture of perfumes.

The plants have been also bred for pot plants sales as now they are compact in growth and flowering with multiple flower spikes and 2 seasons in the same year.

These are still acceptable for the exhibition benches in any show as the flowers are shapely.




Z3367 Npp. Beverley Road 'Purple Lips' x Z. Conway's Choice 'Bravo' (50)

Look to see round shapely blooms, greens overlaid with black bars, and rich purple lips. Lots of sweet perfumes.




 Z3394  Z. Gobleg Festival 'Twin Towers' x Hmwsa. Aussie Quest 'Thunder Cloud'

Heavy substance blooms will result in this cross as "Thunder Cloud" being a Hmwsa is similar to a tetraploid. Strong grower, bearing multiple flower stems, blooms full of show shape, dark reds to black colours expected.





Z3397 Zga. Freestyle Meadows 'Princess' x Zga. Freestyle Meadows 'Black Out' (30)

Here is the start of our new breed with Zga. Freestyle Meadows, seedlings are producing spectacular results. Multiple flower stems blooming in 6 monthly intervals, upright stems and rich colours. Spicy perfumes. The "Freestyles" have no leaf spotting and are growing in my shadehouse in full rain and cold weather. I think these will grow well in most conditions.




Z3402 Hmwsa. Aussie Quest 'Christmas Beauty' x Zga. Freestyle Meadows 'Black Out'

Adding Hmwsa to the Freestyle combination will produce some interesting results. Multiple flowering spikes, for example 3 spikes on the same growth isn't unusual. The Hmwsa will add more substance to the blooms allowing them to last longer in flower. Perfumed.




Z3403 Zga. Kiwi Elder 'Mini Delight' x Hmwsa. Aussie Quest 'Christmas Beauty' (50)

The cross is to produce miniature pot plants, that display a pot of flower, these when in flower will sell quickly on any trading table. The colours will be rich purples to black blooms with good strong substance. Expect the plants to bloom at least twice a year. 



Z3404  Zga. Freestyle Meadows 'Black Out' x Hmwsa. Aussie Quest 'Christmas Beauty' (35)

Once again  these Freestyle Meadows hybrids are great to grow producing nice straight flower stems that hardly near staking. The blooms are full of shape, showy and have a sweet perfume. Crossed with Hmwsa will add extra strength to the blooms giving more substance for longer bloom life,



Z3409 Z. Kiwi Choice 'Beethoven' x Hmwsa. Aussie Quest 'Christmas Beauty' (80)

This cross will produce large blooms on compact plants, the influence of Hmwsa will give multiple flowering spikes and allow the plant to bloom at least twice a year. Colours of green splashed in chocolate and large purple lips. Should be spectacular.




Z3423 Hmwsa. Aussie Quest 'Christmas Beauty' x Zga. Freestyle Meadows 'Black Out'

This being the reverse of Z3404 will still be interesting to flower and in this case its good to have one of each so you can see the difference when in bloom. Having Hmwsa as pod parent the seedlings could follow the growth and flowering habit, then by adding the more tolerant grower of the Freestyle with the lovely rich black colouration should be a show stopper. Expect to see lots of shapely blooms.



Z3427 Hmwsa. Aussie Quest 'Christmas Beauty' x Zga. Greening Australia 'Grassy' (60)

Combining a sold coloured bloom although not shapely to the Hmwsa's I am looking to produce predominately green Hmwsa. If I am successful these will be spectacular. The plants will flower frequently and be grown on compact smaller plants.   



Z3429 Zga. Bali Mist 'Global' x Zga. Pine Meadows 'Tiger' (50)

This is a cross to spark your imagination. Plants themselves will be compact, producing a spectacular site of rich green blooms, some with an overlay of burgundy stripes. Brilliant bold lips on self supporting upright flower stems. This one I cant wait to bloom. Perfumed.



Z3440 Hmwsa. Aussie Quest 'Christmas Beauty' x Zba. Kiwi 'Aussie Stripes' (20) limited.

Last cross for this group will be very showy as indicated with the picture of Zba. Kiwi.

A pot full of flowers is my target with bold striped blooms. Again the Hmwsa will add extra strength to the blooms improving the petals/sepal shape. The aim is to produce Zygopetalum hybrids that bloom often, in 130-150 mm pots, and this is a classic example.