I am offering the opportunity for others to enjoy books from my collection that I no longer use. A few have torn covers showing some ware but the inside of these books are near new. Some have author signatures and many cannot be easily be sourced now a days. Price includes Parcel Post Australia wide. Email to order to or sms to 0413760662. Payments by direct transfer/cheque. Banking Details for Transfer will be emailed to your on confirmation of your order.



Colour photos of many species and hybrid results. 171 pages. Soft cover. $45.90




B02 THE PAPHIOPEDILUM GROWERS MANUEL by Lance Birk: Includes detailed information on natural habitant of illustrated species, plus cross pollination and flasking. Hard cover 205 pages. $65.90




B03 SLIPPER ORCHIDS…THE GENUS PAPIOPEDILUM by Taiwan author. Colour pictures of novelty hybrids showing both parents and the progeny. 284 pages. Hard cover $65.90




B04 THE NEW ZEALAND ORCHID GROWER by L.D.James: General story book on culture with photos of mixed orchid genera, all are cool growing varieties. Green house structure and pollination. Many beautiful colour pictures. 160 pages. $35.90






B05 SET OF 3 BOOKS : ORCHID PESTS AND DISEASES, AN ORCHIDISTS GLOSSARY AND HANBOOK ON ORCHID CULTURE: Orchids P and D deals with common disease orchids, pests and identifying orchid virus, (112 pages) Orchidists Glassary is very helpful for pronouncing orchid names, giving an example of where the emphasis is stronger, plus history of botanists, (95 pages) and Orchid Cluture printed by the American Orchid Society with general advice on most genera with glossy pictures. (79 pages) $60.90











B06 RARE COLLECTION OF 2 BOOKS – VEITCH MANUAL OF ORCHIDACEOUS PLANTS: The rare collection is a must have for any orchid collector giving detailed information of natural habitant with maps, black and white pictures and drawings. Very informative. Book 1 - 163 pages and book 2 – 205 pages. $105.90




B07 THE ORCHIDS – SCIENTIFIC SURVEY by Carl L Withner. (Signed by author): History of Orchid Culture, Anatomy of a Orchid, Embryology and Development in the Orchidaceae, Hybridization and Inheritance in Orchids, Fungal and bacterial Diseases of orchids. Hard Copy. 648 pages. $70.90




B08 THE ORCHIDS – SCIENTIFIC STUDIES by Carl L Withner. (Signed be author): Developments in Orchid Physiology, Clonal Multiplication of Orchids, Development of Embryo and the Young Seedling, List of Chromosome Numbers in Species of the Orchidaceae. Hard Cover. 604 pages. $70.90







B10 B09 INTRIGUING MASDEVALLIAS – Cool Growing Orchids by Jo Kelleher: Masdevallia Species, Hybrids, Dracula, and Dryadella information. Stiff cover. 76 pages. $25.75




B11 ORCHIDS OF SOUTH AFRICA by South African Orchid Council Publication: Selected genera feature Large Flowered Maxillarias, Plectrelminthus caudatus, Cyrtorchis crassifolia, Cynorkis gibbosa, Sophronitis brevipedunculata, Mighty Miniatures, De-Flasking, Staging Exhibits. Soft cover.127 pages $22.75




B12 TWO BOOK SET – GROWING ORCHIDS, ORCHID DISEASES both books from the American Orchid Society. Learn about Orchid Virus, Pest and Diseases with colour illustrations. 66 pages. Growing Orchids contents many colour photos with general culture. Other topics, Judging Orchids, Intergeneric Hybrids, Orchids under Artificial Lights, Repotting, Masd, Milt, Odont, Oncid, Paph, Phal, Vanda all genera in content. 136 pages. Two Book Offer $34.75