This new flask listing of Zygopetalum crosses were made and flasked here in South Australia. The flasks are plastic upright containers 850mm containing 25 plants (can find up to 30 plants some smaller) 

For all orders overseas and within Australia these will be shipped in a plastic pots for protection to avoid any breakages.

The economical purchase for an overseas client is  approx. 30 plus flasks as the freight and inspection fees are then evenly distributed per plant.


Flask prices AUD$100 each for sales within Australia.


All flasks are currently in stock except those crosses already sold out.


Freight and inspection fees are extra for overseas clients and postage/road express freight charges are extra for Australian customers.

Z4002 Zga. Happy Bay 'Lime Ripple' x Z. crinitum 'Loddiges' (7)$100ea

Excellent grower, maturing quickly within 3 yrs. The plants will be compact bearing multiple flower spikes with strong self supported flower stems. Flowers predominately green with red stripes. Perfumed.



Z4005 Zga. Happy Bay 'Lime Ripple' x Zga. Happy Meadows 'Lime Cocktail' (5)$100ea: If you are growing for potted sales then this cross will suit fine. Compact plants bearing double flower spiking habit on each growth, self supporting upright flower stems, Greens with red pepper spotting. Perfumed.



Z4010 Zga. Freestyle Meadows 'Show Stopper' x Z. crinitum 'Loddiges' (1)$100ea. This cross will suit both hobby growers as well as professional pot plant growers. Large shapely blooms on upright self supporting flower stems. These flower every 6 months. Greens with bold striping. Perfumed.


Z4015 Zga. Happy Meadows 'Lime Cocktail' x Zga. Freestyle Meadows 'Superman' (6)$100ea. Terrific Show bench cross for larger blooms with filled in shape Light pink to mauve lips and richly coloured petals and sepal. Perfumed



Z4017 Zga. Happy Bay 'Green Hills' x Npp. Beverley Lou 'Mini Stripes' (17)$100 eachThis will be really a striking result two toned greens to lemon yellows with fine red pin striping. Perfumed



Z4019 Zga. Frankston 'Choc Ice' x Z. crinitum 'Loddiges' (6)$100 each

Another Zebra cross for rich chocolate blooms overlaid with yellow green stripes, should be eye catching. On the sales bench these will sell the fastest. Perfumed.