Winter Orchid Listing 2019



Please note code for plant sizes 5+2=5 Green Bulbs and 2 growths. BB = Back Bulbs with new shoot. Cattleya's listed as 5C - = 5 canes. Mature Flowering Plants code F= in flower, B = in bud, S = in spike. Interstate orders to be sent bare root unless advised.

All plants to be sent Express Post where possible. Road can be used if requested and then the plants could go in their pots. For WA and Tasmania plant inspection is required so an extra charge will be added to your order to cover this fee.

If you live in Adelaide and would like to collect order that is okay, just need to arrange a pickup time or if you are a member of a club and I am speaking you can collect from me there. Payment can be made with cash, Cheque, direct banking transfer or credit card. If using credit card from interstate then a 2% fee charge will be added to your order.



Each flask contains a minimum of 25 plants 10 cm tall (in most cases up to 35 plants can be found in smaller sizes)




Z4002 Zga. Happy Bay 'Lime Ripple' x Z. crinitum 'Loddiges' Expect to see bold stripes over a yellow back ground. (8) Flasks available



Z4005  Zga. Happy Bay 'Lime Ripple' x Zga. Happy Bay 'Lime Cocktail: Sibling cross for the ultimate in upright spiking lemon greens with red overlay spots. (7) Flasks available



Z4008 Z. crinitum 'Loddiges' x Zga. Happy Bay 'Lime Ripple': This being the reverse cross to Z4002, again looking for boldly striped flowers, with bold red stripes. Very compact growth from "crinitum". (1) Flasks available


Z4010 Zga. Freestyle Meadows 'Show Stopper' x Z. crinitum 'Loddiges' : Great cross for showbench quality blooms, featuring bold stripes and solid lips. (3) Flasks available



Z4013 Z. Happy Stars 'Cracker Jack' x Zga. Happy Meadows 'Lime Cocktail': Expect to see solid colours from deep greens to chocolates. Show Quality. SOLD



Z4015 Zga. Happy Meadows 'Lime Cocktail' x Zga. Freestyle Meadows 'Superman': Excellent show quality blooms, broad tepals, green, red marble patten. (2) Flasks available



Z4017 Zga. Happy Bay 'Green Hills' x Npp. Beverley Road 'Mini Stripes': Looking for that cross with a difference, here the Npp will add more texture, golden yellows with fine centre sepal stripe. Free flowering.(10) Flasks available


Z4019 Zga. Frankston 'Choc-Ice' x Z. crinitum 'Loddiges': Good strong chocolate blooms on up right stems. Solid purple lips. Multiple spiking.

(4) Flasks available. 



MIXED ORCHID DIVISIONS (Divisions are listed with plant code indicating size) Code: 5+2=5 greenbulbs+2 growths, BB=Backbulbs plus shoot, Cattleya's 5C=5 canes, F= Flowering Size, B= in bud, S=in spike.


MOD01/Miltonia Honolulu 'Warne's Best': Rich beetroot.

5GB(2)$45ea, 2+1(1)$25, 1+1(1)$15


MOD02 Degamoara Olympia 'Jacqui Louise' :Orange spotted spider.

1+1 (1)$45


MOD03 Miltassia Shelds Talkien 'Murray River': 2+1 (1)$35


MOD04 Masd. Hot Shot 'Tom': Rich pink. 10 leaves (1)$45


MOD05 Masd. Falcata 'Missy Moo': Orange blooms. 5 leaves (1) $35




1 ZYGOPETALUM DIVISIONS (back bulbs with new shoots)

Pictures shown below

1= Zga. World Charmer 'Patch Work' (1)BB$25

2= Hmwsa. Bali Quest 'Tri-Lips' (4)BB$50ea

3= Hmwsa.Aussie Quest 'Midnight Rider' (1)BB$55

4= Zga. Adelaide Meadows 'Grassy' (2)BB$25ea

5= Zba. Dragon Kitten 'Patches' (4)BB$25ea

7= Zga. Mem. Peter Nelson x Zga Adelaide Meadows (2)BB$20ea

8= Zga. Happy Bay 'Green Hills' (1)BB$25

9= Zga.Happy Meadows 'Olivia's Gem' (2)BB$25ea

1 2 3 4

5 6 7

8 9


Plants listed here are divisions of my parent breeding and show plants.

Picture Numbers

1= Z. Debbie de Mellow 'Honolulu Bay' 1+1(2)$35ea, 1GB$25.

3= Zba. Dragon Kitten 'Patches' 3+2 (1)$75

4= Zga. Freetsyle Meadows #6 1+1(1)$35

5= Zga. Freestyle Meadows 'Midnight Oil' 2+1(1)$100


1 3

4 5


1= Pot. Creation of Shanon 'Nagoya': 10C(1)$75, 5C(1)$45, 4C(1)$35

2= Rlc. Owen Holmes 'Lavender Lady': 7C)(1)$50

3= Lc Chiou Jye Chen 'Fong Shan #1': 5C(1)$65

4= Slc Damsea Queen x Lc Mini Purple 'Coburg':8C(1)$65 Apricot

5= Sc. Lavender Charm 'Ruby Lips': 4C(1)$50

6= Lc. Kyota Bellgate 'Rich Lips': 7C(1)$85 Large purple red lip.

7= Rlc. Crispin Rosales 'Vocano Queen': 7+1 (1)$85 Large pink.

8= Rsc. Erin Kobayashi 'Lahaina Gold' x Deception Bay:5C(1)$45

9= Sc. Lavender Charm 'R L' x (C. Yohrohy S. coccinea):15C(1)$75

10= L. anceps 4C (1)$35

11= Lc. Irene Finney 'Marvel': 25C (1)$75


1 2  8

10 11


1= Galeopetalum Arlene Armour 'Conching' 1+1(1)$45

3= Zga. Denpasar  'Red Rocket' 3+2(1)$45

4= Zga. Frankston 'Choc Ice' 4+2(1)$50, 2+1 (2)$35each

5= Zga. Frankston 'Chocolate' 2+2(1)$45



1= 3=

4= 5=